8 Things That Every Woman Have to Do After Intercourse

1. Go To water closet

First thing. In the process of  intercourse, bacteria can enter your private part. It is the the perfect environment for bacteria to increase. If you hate painful bladder infection, urinate one hour after sex.  It flushes your vagina perfectly. It goes without saying that wiping from front to back is crucial to avoid faecal contamination.

2. Avoid Hot Bath Tub Shower

Don’t rush into showering. When your vagina is being  stimulated, it opens a little more. The moments after sex a hot bath tub shower can get you infections.

3. Chug a Pint of Water

The same with exercising, you have to hydrate after making love. Dehydration has an effect on your entire body  if your mouth is dry, you surely  need to refuel with water. Drink a cup of water or two ,it will hydrate you and help flush bacteria from your bladder.