8 Things That Every Woman Have to Do After Intercourse

4. Eat Food Rich In Probiotic

Your meals post sex are very important. I know those chocolate chip cookies seem delicious, but we recommend choosing your snack wisely. Your best choice is outside foods such as yogurt, for instance. Kombucha and kimchi are great too. Eating these as a snack post sex can restock good bacteria so you remain bacteria free.

5. Avoid Soap Down There

Never apply wash soap to your private parts whether be after sex or even at other times.  Your region is a self-cleansing organism and using soaps, douches or other products can interfere with its delicate pH levels. Soap can also lead to irritation and dryness  After inte*course (and always), rinse only with warm, clean water. Remember that what doesn’t go into your mouth should be in your vagina

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