6 Reasons For Eye Twitches

Here are six common reasons why your eye won’t stop twitching

1. an excessive amount of Stress
Our body reacts to worry in several fashions, and one among those fashions is eye twitching. This reveals that something is just too much for your body to handle. That’s once you have to determine the important explanation for stress and find a solution for it. you’ll try doing yoga or meditation to de-stress

2. Drinking an excessive amount of Caffeine
Since coffee may be a stimulant, it can fast things up a bit , your pulse and your metabolism also . Your muscles can also get aroused , which can cause an eye fixed twitch. There isn’t a selected portion of coffee that’s liable for this issue. But, if you think that that’s the reason, you ought to cut the quantity you drink.

3. Not Getting Enough Sleep
The eyelids are extremely sensitive muscles in our body. The moment there’s a touch little bit of unequilibrium happening in our body, they will feel it. once you don’t get enough sleep your eyes will feel tired and therefore the muscles will begin to twitch. you’ll solve this without sweating by trying to urge an honest night’s sleep on a regular basis.

4. you’ve got Allergies
Allergies release histamine within the body, which leads to the body reacting in several ways. an eye fixed twitch could also be a results of an allergy, even as an itchy and puffy eye is. you’ll put some eye drops or take an oral antihistamine so you’ll free  the attention twitch.

5. got to Change Your Glasses Prescription
If your eye starts to twitch once you are on the pc otherwise you read a book, you would possibly got to check your vision. This happens because the attention muscles got to focus and that they work extra hard. attend your ophthalmologist and you’ll surely correct this issue.

6. you would possibly Have a Tumor
The last reason is pretty uncommon, but it can still happen. you’ll check your blood and attend your ophthalmologist so he can determine whether you would like to ascertain a neuro-ophtalmologist, who may be a specialist within the area of visual problems and therefore the brain.
Still Twitching?
If your eye won’t stop twitching you’ll have a Botox injection to prevent it. Botox freezes the nerve and stops the muscle from twitching.